Here we go: Backlash against Benghazi whistleblowers is underway




Sadly, this is exactly what we’ve come to expect. As the Benghazi whistleblowers prepare to testify this week before the House Oversight Committee, they must also brave a backlash from the hostile White House and the media.





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Also at the site, Breaking: Sharyl Attkisson tweets reveal Obama admin lies; US Special Forces stopped from going to Benghazi; Update: ‘Might have saved American lives’


Obama administration lied, people died…

And, False Benghazi narrative unravels, but scapegoated anti-Islam filmmaker still in prison


Update: Deneen Borelli Smackdown Debate w/ Christy Setzer On WH Benghazi Silence


Rep. Chaffetz Discusses the Benghazi Investigation on Fox News Sunday


Benghazi Blues

…From the moment Obama learned of the attack on the Benghazi compound — learned in part from Ambassador Stevens’ frantic phone calls to Washington, begging for help — what did he do? He went to bed early and flew off to Las Vegas in the morning for a campaign appearance; after all, first things first. And since Barry’s only real function in this administration is as its frontman/pitchman, he was only doing what he does best…

…hell is what is coming, one way or the other, because this time — unlike the Clinton impeachment — the big dogs are in play, in the form of hordes of very pissed-off special ops agents, patriotic spooks, forcibly retired generals and clandestine operatives who know where the bodies are buried. If the Obama administration turned its back on Chris Stevens and the three other brave Americans who died that day for crass political purposes — and, worse, if it let them die as collateral damage in its own gunrunning operation to Syria — the men and women who stand watch for this country all through the night are going to come out of the shadows, quickly.


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Flashback — Ed Markey called Benghazi talking-point concerns “bogus” 

…Of all people, Markey should have been sensitive to the need to get to the truth. One of Markey’s constituents was killed in the attack, and Markey met the body upon return to the United States.

Markey faced a choice, play politician or truth seeker.  Markey chose to play politician.

Markey tweeted that Romney’s concerns about Benghazi were a “bogus theory”


Benghazi Witness: ‘You Should Have Seen What (Clinton) Tried to Do to Us That Night’

…Joe diGenova, who represents Mr. Thompson has alleged “his client has been subjected to threats and intimidation by as-yet-unnamed superiors at State, in advance of his cooperation with Congress.” Thompson’s account was “suppressed” by the ARB (Accountability Review Board).

The State Department responded these allegations are “100 percent” false.


The two Benghazi scandals (where readers should also see the comments.)

In the immediate aftermath of the attack last September on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, our media acted more as amplifiers for the Obama campaign and the Obama administration, parroting campaign talking points (about the supposed inappropriateness of then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s critique of the administration) and failing to question the official explanation for the attack (that it was a spontaneous uprising in response to a video about which no one ever heard).  In short, all too many in the legacy media reported the story as if their job was to amplify what they heard from the Obama team rather than investigate how said team handled the attack…


That Crazy Benghazi Conspiracy Theory? It Just Got Less Crazy [with a useful diagram of the Benghazi compound]

In October of 2012, a comment by “Kozy” posited that the Benghazi attack was an “October Surprise”. Easily dismissed at the time as some sort of conspiracy nonsense, with each passing day the scenario appears to become more plausible..


Benghazi Bombshell – The Truth That Should have Come Out BEFORE The Election 

If you are old enough to remember the Watergate Scandal- or study history- you know that President Richard M. Nixon resigned over a botched break in at the Watergate Hotel, which was covered up.

Nobody died in The Watergate Scandal…

Obama’s Liberated Libya is Now Al Qaeda’s HQ

In just the last few weeks three new al Qaeda camps have opened in southern Libya.



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