Here’s Why the Super Committee Failed

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Zeke Miller
Business Insider

We’ll spare you the back and forth, but suffice it to say that Democrats and Republicans are blaming each other for the super committee’s so-to-be-announced failure to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit.

But both sides share a part in the committee’s failure — with Democrats hesitant to offer substantial entitlement reforms and wasting time demanding stimulus spending, and Republicans demanding that the Bush Tax cuts be extended as part of a tax reform package.

(New spending and further tax cuts would only have made the committee’s deficit-cutting job harder. Democrats were never accept the extension of the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy — even as a part of comprehensive tax reform. And Republicans could hardly agree to tax increases without massive entitlement reforms — and even that would be a stretch.)

More significant to the failure is that the committee never functioned as a group – with lawmakers still beholden to leadership, and under pressure from their caucuses not to give away the store…

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…The agency reminded us that it previously said it would likely lower its outlook if the Super Committee failed to agree on a deficit reduction deal.  They’re currently reviewing their rating and they will update us by the end of the month…
Congress is pathetic. 12 Citizens chose at random would’ve made a budget deal.
Agreed. Read the whole thing.

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