Herman Cain and Human Goodness

James Lewis
American Thinker

I don’t know about this guy Cain.  He doesn’t act like the militant black heroes all the liberals love.

I mean, he says he loves Jesus, he sings Gospel at the National Press Club, and he doesn’t hate white folks.  What is he, some kind of weirdo?  This sounds un-American to me.

Whatever happened to Radical Chic?

Now Obama, he’s a real black guy, like Malcolm X.  And Jeremiah Wright.  And probably Karl Marx.

Rad, man…

…Obama has never been wrong in his own mind, which is why he is so rigid and incapable of learning.  He has actually said out loud that he can’t figure out that he might have made any mistakes at all. Watch out for people who are always right.  They are incapable of feeling guilt, shame, or remorse, because we all make mistakes.  They question is how you deal with that brute fact.

Marx and Lenin were incapable of humility and guilt.  They were rigid, rage-driven ideologues, like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman.  And all the other O-nasties.  Lefticult is filled with hateful people, having their daily dose of what they would call “righteous anger.”  They think they’re idealistic, and their faces look like gargoyles with all the anger they keep feeling.

Righteous anger stops being righteous when it isn’t regulated by guilt and shame.  The Lefticult is grossly irresponsible, and ready to destroy human beings who get in their way.

If you’re not born a sociopath, the left will turn you into one.

The Jewish holiday of remorse and confession is Yom Kippur.  Traditional Catholics confess.  The Puritans were big confessors, and mainstream American fashion today believes that they overdid it.  But then the Puritans saw Imperial Europe at its most arrogant and rigid, and fled to create a better place.

Human beings are fallible, and the more arrogant we get, the more fallible we turn out to be.

Liberals can’t imagine being wrong about global warming because they are terribly afraid to confess a big mistake. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, was more like a normal scientist, knowing from personal experience that sometimes the evidence just doesn’t go your way.

That’s how human beings learn and adapt.

Herman Cain is therefore a great man to see in this presidential year, because in his very way of being he contradicts all the incredibly dumb ideas the left takes for granted.  In therapeutic terms, Herman Cain “falsifies their pathological beliefs.”…

Read the complete essay at American Thinker. We also recommend the comments by falconrap71 who reminds readers of the work environment of the 1990s:

Anyone who was an adult in the 90’s knows just how bad the whole sexual harassment process was. Many good men were fired on nothing more than accusations. Since these issues happened during the height of this era, it would be expected that any valid claims of sexual harassment would have meant the termination (or “resignation”) of any executive officer for any company or organization with the size and public involvement of the National Restaurant Association…Real harassment requires either tying a job (or it’s pay/advancement) to sexual favors, or the continuance of “offensive” acts after having been asked to stop…

It’s worth reading the entire comment.

UpdateCain is not gonna sit and take it

Ann Althouse has fun at Robin Givhan’s expense: Herman Cain’s other problem: double-breasted suits.

…Haughtiness… swagger… a “certain persuasion” of religion… if this sounds at least vaguely racial, consider that Givhan herself is black. And she does go on to talk about race…

Commenter AllenS wrote:

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Mr. Cain also wears a belt and that his pants are not down around his hips.

Cain didn’t handle this right? at RushLimbaugh.com

…”I don’t know, Rush! I don’t think he’s good to go.  He didn’t handle this media stuff very well. I don’t think he can be president.”  Okay, so what is handling it “right,” then?  We have to look to the past.  We have to go back in time and we have to see where in similar circumstances other candidates similarly accused have handled this — and I did that, and here’s what I have concluded.  “Herman Cain can’t be president,” based on what I’m hearing, “because he hasn’t handled this right.”  What he should have done is assigned, as we discussed earlier this week, somebody on his staff to head up a Bimbo Eruption Department.  That’s the way to do this, apparently…

To do this right, you need the guts and the foresight to set up a “bimbo eruption” plan and turn it over to unscrupulous people to execute the immoral, unethical, and probably illegal instructions.  The right way to handle this therefore is you go out and you have a bimbo eruptions babe who deals with all the women who come forward, and then you hire a mad dog assistant who will go out and destroy all the women.  Such comments as (James Carville impression), “That’s what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park!”  Apparently that’s the right way to do this?  I guess Herman Cain doesn’t have the right way to do this in him.

He hasn’t handled a largely irrelevant media ambush very well.  He isn’t a sufficiently good enough liar to be president, I guess.  So we’ve all seen enough. He doesn’t know how to lie. He doesn’t know how to go out and attack his accusers. He doesn’t know how to have a Bimbo Eruptions Department. He doesn’t know how to destroy everybody involved in the investigation.  He’s a rank amateur and he doesn’t know how to deal with this.  Similar to Newt Gingrich, who didn’t bat down the story of visiting his soon-to-be-ex wife when she was in the hospital.  That’s a story that survived for years.  I know women who hate Gingrich because of this story.  It turns out to be not true…

Read the whole thing

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