Hitting the boiling point over the border

Amnesty forces may finally have gone too far

Mark Krikorian
The Washington Times

…Perhaps one particular decision by the White House highlights how concerned the administration is about public reaction: As of now, not a single illegal-alien detainee seems to have been sent to Louisiana or Arkansas, the states bordering Texas that are closest to the site of the border deluge. This is no accident. Those two states have Democratic senators up for re-election who are vulnerable enough to lose, but who might still be able to prevail. The White House appears to have decided not to send any illegals there to avoid the potential for political damage.

This weekend, protests are planned across the country against amnesty and for immigration enforcement. Such events don’t usually draw large crowds, since for most people most of the time, immigration just isn’t that important an issue.

However, this time might be different. The anti-borders crowd has overreached, doing us a favor by revealing their true intentions. It’s time to jump.



The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Times.


Related: Friday Doc Dump: Bigger Spike In Illegal Alien Influx Is Adults And Families, Not Unaccompanied Children

If you look at the pictures, you can see this. Many of the pictures show mothers with children (or at least adult women).

Why does that make a difference? Because the Wilberforce law, which Obama is already stretching, applies solely to unaccompanied minors who are the victims of trafficking. If you are accompanied, you don’t qualify and should be immediately kicked back. Not to mention, that the law applies to specific cases of trafficking not a general approach to every unaccompanied child…


Hancock, Hickenlooper Back Denver Human Services Plan To House Illegal Alien Children

Is the federal grant money open ended or will the local tax payers pick up the tab after three years?…


Hundreds Of Protests Across The Country This Weekend Against Illegal Immigration

…Hundreds of protests are taking place across United States this weekend in opposition to the surge of immigrants illegally crossing the country’s southern border and proposed immigration reform that organizers say gives amnesty to those already living illegal in the United States…


New Obama Rule Could Force Cities To House Illegal Aliens

…The Obama administration, in July 2013, quietly introduced a new regulation that critics say will dramatically increase Washington’s power over local zoning laws in every city and town that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

And it’s the federal grants that could be used as a hook in the nose of these cities, forcing them to house illegal immigrants against their will…


Video: Illegal Alien Children Being Flown Into Baltimore’s BWI Airport

…After weeks of controversy over illegal immigrant children possibly coming to Maryland, there is now video evidence showing eleven boys without any luggage arriving at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport after midnight Friday. The video shows the boys, who appear to be between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, walking single-file out of the Southwest Airlines terminal. They were escorted by four adults who did not answer any questions. Once outside, the boys were guided to a white passenger van and driven away…


Mass. would house hundreds of migrant children

Governor Deval Patrick provided new details Thursday about a federal request to house some of the migrant children crossing the US border, saying he has asked officials to find a location for several hundred Central American children for about four months.

A day after lending his support for a temporary facility, Patrick said the shelter would be secure “without being a jail,” administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and allow immigration officials to hold processing hearings for the children…



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