Hometown paper to Harry Reid: ‘Quit the race-baiting already’

Jessica Chasmar
The Washington Times

Nevada’s largest daily newspaper is telling Sen. Harry Reid to “quit the race-baiting already” after he embarrassingly referred to Clarence Thomas as a white man.

“Harry Reid is the da Vinci of distraction,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote Friday. “The moment any scandal, policy failure or political defeat crashes down on him — and there have been plenty the past few years — the Senate majority leader unleashes outrageous rhetoric that’s better suited for a sandbox than what once passed for the world’s greatest deliberative body.

“Worse, the Nevada Democrat has become especially fond of slinging race cards just to crank up the outrage,” the editorial read.

The comments come after Mr. Reid last week blasted the Supreme Court for its decision to overturn part of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate…

The article continues at The Washington Times.



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