‘Hosni’ Walker! You have got to be kidding me

Phil Hands
Wisconsin State Journal

I didn’t vote for Scott Walker and if you’ve read my cartoons in the past, you will know that I don’t think much of most of his policies. But forcing state workers to make some paltry contributions to their benefits packages is long overdue in a state with a systematic budget shortfall.

Stripping state workers of their collective bargaining rights might be extreme, but the union protests at the State Capital have been equally extreme. The sign that the protester in my cartoon holds comes directly from a photo I saw of the protest.

I’m sorry, but Walker is not a despot or a dictator. He, and the rest of the republican clowns serving at the State Capital were elected, by a wide margin, by the people of Wisconsin. I find it ironic that the same day that thousands of people skipped work to rail against our “undemocratic” leader, fewer than a quarter of the registered voters in Madison bothered to vote in an actual election…

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