House passes amendment blocking carbon tax without congressional approval

Michael Bastasch
The Daily Caller

The House of Representatives has passed an amendment to the REINS Act that would prevent the Obama administration from imposing a carbon tax without congressional approval.

The amendment introduced by Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise passed 237 to 176, garnering support from 12 Democrats and no opposition among Republicans.

“President Obama’s plan to impose a tax on carbon would cause household electricity rates to skyrocket while destroying millions of American jobs,” Scalise said. “The Obama Administration has used every trick in the book to implement its radical agenda through back door regulations.”

House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, a strong supporter of the Scalise amendment, noted that it prevents the president and the Environmental Protection Agency from bypassing Congress and imposing a national energy tax that would affect every American…


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…Earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly raised the SCC from $21 per metric ton to $35 per metric ton ahead of the unveiling of his plan to address global warming, which included capping carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.

When the social cost of carbon is raised, it makes the costs of imposing emissions limits on power plants lower while inflating the claimed benefits.

“There was no public debate, no stakeholder comment, no vote in Congress on this new estimate,” said Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Murphy, who introduced the amendment, on the House floor on Thursday. “We’ve already seen what the social cost of the war on coal is today. The cost is jobs.”…

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