House report on Benghazi attack faults White House for security lapses

White House officials either failed to comprehend the situation in Benghazi or ignored the dramatically deteriorating security there while preparing for the September 11th anniversary, according to a new report set to be released by the House Armed Services Committee Tuesday.

Some of the biggest concerns yielded from the report center around why the Obama administration chose to allocate security resources in parts of the region and not in others following a series of assessment reviews led by then-Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan, senior aides familiar with the report told Fox News.

“The report details an example of changes that were made in our foreign posture in response to the perceived threat in Yemen and compares and contrasts that to the situation on the ground in Libya,” one senior aide said. “While we identify that discrepancy, we are not fully able to get at why some of those decisions may have been made within the National Security Council or the White House.”…

…The report, aides said, found that U.S. military personnel in Benghazi were vulnerable at the time of the attack because the administration did not direct a change in military force posture, there was no intelligence of a specific “imminent” threat in Libya, and because the State Department, which is primarily responsible for diplomatic security decisions, favored a reduction in Defense Department security personnel in Libya before the attack…


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…For a man who has suffered such a loss, Woods is magnanimous. The burden of what he has been through is evident but his deep Christian faith shines through. Setting the clear goal for Washington’s success on a Benghazi investigation, Woods simply asks for the truth to come out. He only wants to know what happened to his son and he sees it as his duty, his last act as a father, to tell the world about his son, how proud he was of him for the life he led, the career he undertook and the ultimate sacrifice that he made…


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