How Come The Democrats Health Care Bill Won’t Actually Kick In For Three Years?

by Rob
SayAnything Blog
October 31, 2009

After all, don’t the liberals tell us that we’re in a health care crisis? Aren’t we being told that people are dying and suffering because of a lack of government-backed health care? If those things are true, how come Democrats wouldn’t make their health care bill effective faster than three years after it’s passed?

Doug Ross thinks he’s got the answer:

After months of proclaiming the “urgent” need for health care reform, PelosiCare doesn’t actually kick in for at least three (3) years.

There are two reasons for the delay.

First, it’s a tacit acknowledgment that prompt implementation would destroy Obama’s reelection chances in 2012.

Second, it’s an outright financial scam authored by the Statist Democrats: ” The CBO has scored the bill at $1.055 trillion [which] does not take into consideration that fact that the ten-year window contains ten years of revenue and only three to eight years of major payouts –- meaning that the bill will bleed red ink in subsequent years.”

So the Democrats won’t kick off health care reform for three years after it passes because they want to hide the actual cost from the calculations of the bills cost being formulated now.

And they don’t want Obama saddled with the sad realities of government-run health care before his re-election campaign in 2012.

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Doug Ross goes on to write:

The only Americans not required to join the national health care program are — wait for it — members of Congress. Democrats are so certain that their own health would be endangered that they want no part of the disastrous Rube Goldberg contraption they’ve created.

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