How Much Longer Can Obama Defy Political Gravity?

Amy Walter
The Note
ABC News

Although President Obama’s job approval rating of 48 percent (according to average) isn’t exactly stellar, it is remarkably high given the level of economic pessimism and despair among American electorate.

The economy is the most important issue for most Americans, yet few Americans feel very good about it and most don’t approve of the way President Obama’s dealing with it.

The most recent Quinnipiac poll found that just 38 percent of Americans approved of the job the president was doing on the economy and just 27 percent were “satisfied” with the direction of the country. Polling done by ABC News/Washington Post and CBS/New York Times in June found similar results on both counts.

Even so, President Obama’s job approval in the Quinnipiac Poll was 47 percent, a full nine points higher than the 38 percent who thought he was doing a good job on the economy. In the ABC /Washington Post poll, his overall approval rating was seven points higher than his approval rating on the economy. In the CBS/New York Times poll, the gap between his overall approval rating and his handling of the economy was 8 points.

Obama’s job approval ratings defy political gravity. The only question now, is if they can do so for much longer…

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