How the nanny president sees himself–and us

Kyle Smith
New York Post

What’s it like inside the Obama White House? A lot like what you’d guess from outside the Obama White House.

In “Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside Obama’s White House,” MSNBC analyst Richard Wolffe, a writer sympathetic to the president, reports the prosaic backroom details of the White House struggles from early this year, but occasionally stumbles upon an off-the-cuff revelation that’s much more interesting.

Barack knows best!

One staffer was conspicuously overweight. The president, in an incident that Wolffe believes proves how caring the man is, took it upon himself to present the aide with a salad for lunch — “then listened to him protest that he could take care of his own health. ‘I love you, man,’ Obama said. ‘I want you to look after yourself. Eat the salad.’ ”

I love you, man. Eat the salad. That is the Obama presidency in a plastic see-through clamshell. (Hold the ranch dressing!) The president loves us. He knows what’s best for us. We should bow to his superior wisdom…

Read the rest at the New York Post.

H/T Say Anything: “The Obama administration once argued in court that Americans ‘do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.’

Of course that might explain the lame duck Democrats passing the monstrosity that is known as the Food Safety bill…S.510…last night. Joe Stalin knew what he was doing when he starved millions of Ukranians to death. So, let the rationing begin!

Update: At Weasel Zippers another Obama-related food article, explaining where the money for the Pigford II (aka reparations for black farmers) settlement will come from. After all, babies and children under age 15 have their place in Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel‘s “Complete Lives System.”

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