How to Join Michele Bachmann’s Protest Without Going to Washington, DC

by Rob
November 3, 2009

Rep. Michele Bachmann is urging people to join her on the steps of the US Capitol to protest the Democrat health care bill. Obviously, Washington DC is a long trip for most Americans to make especially at a time when finances are tight and the holidays are looming.

For those of you who do want to make the trip to Washington DC you can maybe find some help with a ride here.

But there is a way people all over the country, including those of us here in North Dakota, can help Bachmann send a message against this bill without having to travel all the way to the east coast. When they’re gathering in Washington DC on Thursday November 5th at noon, head on down to your Representative’s local office (they usually have several across their districts or state) and hold a little protest of your own.

There’s no need for it to be elaborate. Even just a small crowd goes into the office and, respectfully, communicate to them your opposition to the health care bill it could make a huge difference.

Those of you not in North Dakota you can find your member of the House and their websites containing their contact information here.

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