How to Make Sense of the European Union Disaster

T. S. Weidler
American Thinker

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Everything you need to know to understand the European Union can be discovered by simply glancing at the location of its headquarters.  Brussels is in Belgium, which is not a real country, does not have a government, and does not have any money.

Belgium has not had a government for a year and half, yet the capital city (to the degree that a country without a government can have a capital) is host to one of the largest government organizations in the world.  The ironies and paradoxes of the EU are clearly seen in the microcosm of Belgium…

…The EU is not a real country.  It is a collection of independent states that have no national interest in joining forces, and substantial reasons not to.  It does not have a functional government, but it does have just enough of a government to make everyone’s life worse, and to run up enormous deficits.  Like Belgium, it has no national defense to speak of and numerous factions that are hostile to one another…

…The EU is Belgium writ large.  A group of unelected officials from around Europe got together and dreamed up the EU, then arbitrarily made it happen.  Now it is in the position of managing the countless factions of Europe.  Constant bailouts and subsidies are the only things that keep everyone happy.  There isn’t enough money to keep up the charade, and there are considerable efforts to break it up.  Each nation of the EU is held together by nothing more than the selfish decrees of others.  It is crashing as you read.

Europe has come full circle.  The EU has taken over Italy and Greece and installed unelected puppet regimes there.  Belgium, a puppet nation dreamed up by Europe with no history, no government, and no money, finds itself ruling puppet governments of the two foundational sources of European civilization because they have no money.  In WWII Germany went through Belgium to take over France.  Now Germany is going through Belgium to take over Italy and Greece…

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