Hudson police investigating possible phone “harassment” of high-profile Mitt Romney supporter

John DiStaso
Union Leader

MANCHESTER — The New Hampshire businessman who appears in a Mitt Romney television ad accusing President Barack Obama of “demonizing” small business owners has gone to his local police after receiving two “harassing” telephone calls and, he says, hundreds of nasty emails.

“It’s frightening to me,” said Jack Gilchrist of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating of Hudson, who also said Thursday he received hundreds of supportive emails as well.

Gilchrist said that while “there was no specific threat, to me, it’s harassment.”

Capt. Bill Avery of the Hudson Police Department confirmed that an officer took “an investigative report of harassment” from Gilchrist on Wednesday.

“And,” said Avery, “we will investigate.”

The latest development ratcheted up the war of words between the Romney and Obama campaigns over the role of government in helping businesses.

Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said the Obama campaign’s “attacks” on Gilchrist and his business prompted the telephone calls and emails.

“This is the same kind of Chicago-style politics that the Obama political machine has repeatedly used to push the President’s liberal agenda and intimidate anybody who disagrees with his failed policies,” said Williams.

But both Williams and Gilchrist stopped short of accusing the Obama camp of orchestrating the calls…

…Gilchrist said the “harassing” telephone calls and negative emails started arriving soon after posted a report on Monday that said while he has had a successful business for many years, he received some government assistance along the way…

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