Human Events: Why the Left Hates Glenn Beck

by Christian Toto

The left says Glenn Beck must be stopped.

Beck, a media giant who commanders not just the radio but television, books and even comedy halls nationwide, is starting to collect liberal scalps. And the left, along with their chums in the mainstream media, won’t stand for it.

Witness Time magazine’s latest cover story — “Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America” — merely the most visible attempt to destroy/silence/marginalize the populist talker…

…Suffice to say Time would never ask if Michael Moore was hurting America, even though Moore traffics in questionable truths, delivers emotional pleas that make Beck’s crying jags look stoic and the kind of argumentative talk that certainly mirrors Beck’s rants.

Nor would we get an unflattering Moore cover picture, nor a subhead anywhere close to, “Is Michael Moore Bad for America?”

No, Moore gets the royal treatment from press outlets like Time and the occasional Oscar for his troubles.

The magazine wouldn’t say Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” was bad for America, either, even though he routinely works himself into an angry lather behind his faux news desk and is considered a reputable news source by today’s young TV watchers.

If anything is bad for America, that ugly fact sure is.

Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel appeared on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC recently to talk up the Beck feature — and slam Beck personally.

Beck’s work “plays a part in the lack of civility in political discourse,” Stengel said. He also claimed Beck was stoking the public’s angst at many things, including the fact that the President is black…

…The Time piece eventually gets into Beck’s finances, then draws the line that being a hate wringer is good for business. Again, let’s wait and see if Moore is ever asked about the profitability of being a hard-left filmmaker (the article hints at this but quickly moves on), or if MSNBC’s hosts play the ‘Bush is evil’ card to stoke their small ratings a tad higher…

The article continues at Human Events.

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