Hushing up rape in Sweden

Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna

In the last few years, Sweden has become known as the “Rape Capital of Europe”, and with good reason. Not only are women there more likely than anywhere else in Europe to experience the unwanted attention of culturally enriched men, but the Swedish media do their best never to mention this trend or report on sexual assaults by immigrants.

One of our Swedish contacts sent this video about an incident at a public swimming pool when eleven- and twelve-year-old girls were attacked and raped by Muslim immigrants. He included this note:

There are a lot of stories about what Sweden calls “alone refugee children” who immigrate in large numbers to Sweden. They are, however, most often not children but around seventeen or older. They lie about their age and throw their IDs away. They are not “alone”, either since many later bring their families with them. And they aren’t refugees either, for that matter.

In any case, there have been many reports of violence by these immigrants (mostly from Somalia and Afghanistan), and the latest incident may be seen below. This hasn’t been reported by mainstream media yet but… I think the story is true, especially after considering that there have been other rapes at that bath house before.

Note: “bath” in this video refers to what Americans would call a public swimming pool…

The article, with the video, continues at Gates of Vienna

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The liberal fantasy continues to crash against the rocks of reality:

Swedes Begin to Question Liberal Migration Tenets

…For a time, Sweden seemed immune to the kind of anti-immigrant sentiment blossoming elsewhere on the European continent. Its generous welfare and asylum policies have allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees to settle here, many in recent years from Muslim countries. Nearly a quarter of Sweden’s population is now foreign born or has a foreign-born parent.

But increasingly, Swedes are questioning these policies. Last fall, the far-right party — campaigning largely on an anti-immigration theme — won 6 percent of the vote and, for the first time, enough support to be seated in the Swedish Parliament…

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