i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Susie Bean Breitbart
Rebelle Society

…As I write this, I am terrified. Terrified that you won’t believe me; that my kids won’t believe me. Most of all, I’m terrified that I don’t believe me. But I have no choice. I must make my way out of here or die in here.

Every day I will break a sweat and let my heart race.

Every day I will create my new reality through words or art.

Every day I will embrace the good in my life more than the bad.

I have been blessed, so blessed in this life — blessed with four wonderful, lovable, healthy and beautiful children. I have been cursed in this life — cursed by the untimely young death of my selfless, loving husband not long ago.

I have allowed myself to focus on the loss and pain, to wallow in fear and succumb to total paralysis at times. I resolve now to focus on the love and the gifts more than the lack in my life…



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