‘I never would have felt comfortable if McCain won, except that Sarah was there’


…This struck me — I was listening to the podcast this morning, after knowing the results of the Iowa straw poll — because of the strength of the confidence in Sarah Palin and the comfort embodied in the simple reference “Sarah.” I’m touched by this, because I’d always thought that it would be difficult for Americans to get their minds around the idea of a woman as Commander in Chief. Even those who celebrate the advancement of women would, I thought, worry about trusting a woman with the ultimate responsibility for the security of the world. But here is a very conservative man, this caller, who is wary of John McCain, but able to tolerate him because of her. At the same time, Republicans are embracing Michele Bachmann. I’m not hearing any balkiness about accepting a woman President. It has become almost instantly normal.

How did that happen, and why did it happen on the Republican side? …

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CAJ note: Many of us spent the first months of 2009 telling people, “I voted for Sarah Palin and her running mate.”

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