If Net Neutrality Is Coming, So Is The End Of All-You-Can-Eat Internet Access

Dan Frommer
Business Insider

It looks like FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the lobbyists from Google will get their way: Net neutrality seems surer than ever, for better or for worse*.

But this will likely mean the end of all-you-can-eat Internet access for consumers, and will likely lead to more expensive Internet access, especially for those who watch a lot of online video.

If the FCC Chairman’s plans, announced today, are adopted, this means that Internet service providers would not be able to treat some Internet traffic better than other Internet traffic (for a fee, of course), and will have to treat all traffic equally. (With some exceptions, like managing their networks.) That’s “net neutrality.”…

…* We’re still not convinced that net neutrality — government regulation — is necessary, or a good idea. More here: Here’s What’s Missing From All The Net Neutrality Blather: Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen If Net Neutrality Dies
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