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John Nolte
Big Journalism
14 Sep 2012

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to jnolte@breitbart.com or Twitter me @NolteNC.

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…Media More Outraged By Anti-Muslim Film Than Terrorists Who Murdered Americans

Just something I’ve noticed over the past few days.

The media will say that’s not the case, but all we have to judge these media cretins by is what we see — and there’s no question that when it comes to expressing public outrage, the anti-Islamic filmmaker has been on the receiving end of much more media anger and indignation than the savages who raped and murdered an American ambassador and our Navy SEALs.

CNN’s Carol Costello Outs Name of Anti-Islam Filmmaker

Yesterday, my colleague Ezra Dulis brought the hammer of justice down  on the media for its breathless pursuit of the filmmaker behind the video Islamists are using as an excuse to murder and rape Americans.

This morning, Carol Costello broadcast his name across the world as though she’s blissfully unaware that his life’s in danger…

Read the entire article at Big Journalism.

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Update: Rolling Stone interviewer can’t stop asking Bob Dylan to endorse Obama.

…[Mikal] Gilmore takes five different swings at getting Dylan to agree. Some of Dylan’s responses: “They did the same thing to Bush, didn’t they? They did the same thing to Clinton, too, and Jimmy Carter before that….Eisenhower was accused of being un-American. And wasn’t Nixon a socialist? Look what he did in China. They’ll say bad things about the next guy too.” On Gilmore’s fourth attempt, Dylan just resorts to: “Do you want me to repeat what I just said, word for word? What are you talking about? People loved the guy when he was elected. So what are we talking about? People changing their minds?”…

Update 2: North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 45%

Mitt Romney has cleared the 50% mark again in the battleground state of North Carolina despite the presence of the Democratic National Convention there little over a week ago…

Also at Rasmussen today:

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