Insurrection: Liberal constitutional scholar will represent GOP in lawsuit against Obama

Noah Rothman
Hot Air

…“As many on this blog are aware, I have previously testified, written, and litigated in opposition to the rise of executive power and the countervailing decline in congressional power in our tripartite system,” Turley wrote on his blog. “I have also spent years encouraging Congress, under both Democratic and Republican presidents, to more actively defend its authority, including seeking judicial review in separation of powers conflicts.”

“For that reason, it may come as little surprise this morning that I have agreed to represent the United States House of Representatives in its challenge of unilateral, unconstitutional actions taken by the Obama Administration with respect to implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA),” he continued. “It is an honor to represent the institution in this historic lawsuit and to work with the talented staff of the House General Counsel’s Office.”…

…There are still men of good faith and intellectual honesty who are capable of putting aside their partisan political preferences in service to the preservation of the republic.



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