Involvement in Amirault case makes Martha Coakley unfit to replace Ted Kennedy as Senator

by Daniel Weaver
Albany CPS and Family Court Examiner
September 4, 2009

Martha Coakley, the current Massachusetts Attorney General, is not fit to be a United States Senator. Anyone who thinks so only needs to study the Fells Acres Day Care case. The Fells Acres Day Care was started by Violet Amirault and run with the help of her son, Gerald, and his sister, Cheryl Amirault LeFave. In the midst of the daycare sex abuse hysteria of the 1980s, all three were charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse.

The charges were some of the most heinous ever made. However, they were also ludicrous…

…Rather than go through the entire story of the trials and imprisonment of the Amirault family, I recommend reading some of the many articles readily available on the internet

…what did Martha Coakley do when the Parole Board voted unanimously (5-0) to pardon Gerald Amirault? She did everything in her power to see that he stayed in prison, including sending an assistant DA to oppose his release at the hearing. Coakley also went on talk shows to spout her views about his guilt. (Read about Martha Coakley’s involvement in Cheryl Amirault’s Plea Bargain also).

In a bid to be re-elected Governor of Massachusetts, Governor Jane Swift, rejected the Parole Board’s decision. There is little doubt, however, that Martha Coakley’s actions strengthened Governor Swift’s resolve to deny Gerald Amirault’s release from prison.

Governor Jane Swift sold Gerald Amirault’s freedom for what she hoped would be another term as Governor of Massachusetts, but the voters chose Mitt Romney instead. Martha Coakley worked harder than Jane Swift to keep an innocent man in prison, seemingly for political advantage also…

The entire article, with video, is at the Examiner.

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