Iran pals up with AU

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First Brazil and Turkey..

TEHRAN (M&G) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Africa wanted a new world order to replace the existing one which has been created by “slave masters”, as he opened an Iran-Africa conference on Tuesday.

“The mutual feeling is that the world needs a new management system,” the Mehr news agency quoted him as saying in his speech at the start of the two-day forum in Tehran attended by dignitaries from several African countries.

The hardline president, who has often blamed the West for the ongoing economic crisis, said the current world order was created by “former colonisers and slave masters … to continue exploiting the wealth of African nations”.

He offered Iran’s cooperation in helping develop Africa, saying the Islamic republic “has no limit” in aiding the continent, especially when it came to exporting technology there.

Those attending the conference hosted by Tehran were Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika and his Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Wade, and ministers from several other African countries.

Mutharika said he envisioned a speedy development of relations between Iran and Africa over the next five years.

“We will soon witness the installation of many Iranian industries in Africa,” he said in his speech quoted by state television’s website.

The conference aims to discuss how Iran can assist in developing Africa.

Aljazeera also says Ahmadinejad pursues African support in the UN because of sanctions.

Another explanation for the earthy AU Oval Office :

And he’s anticipating a stalemate for the rest of his term b/c of the Republican take-over. His focus will be on “implementation” :

Again, his focus will be on implementation via the Executive Branch, which includes EOs [executive orders] and work through the State Department, pending budget approval.

He’s ready to move on — which means, for us, that the next phase of policies that he’ll try to implement will be as dangerous to our country as those he’s alreay put in place and has yet to carry out…

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