Irony Alert: UAW Protests Bank for Taking…a Government Bailout?!?


…after helping force a government bailout at a cost of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and ending up with ownership of both General Motors and Chrysler, the United Auto Workers (UAW) is creating a stir over the Bank of America’s acceptance of a government bailout.

On Thursday, as he was ending his three-day union’s strategy session on how to negotiate the Big Three back into oblivion, the UAW’s Bob King led 100 of his cohorts into a Bank of America branch in Detroit.

UAW President Bob King and about 100 UAW members flooded the first floor of the Guardian Building in Detroit shortly after 2 p.m. today and forced Bank of America to temporarily shut down.

UAW President Bob King criticized the bank for paying its CEO excessively and for not paying any taxes in 2009 after it received federal stimulus money.

Afterwards, King joined hundreds of additional UAW members gathered at the corner of Griswold and Congress and continued the rally.

“Banks get bailed out, people get sold out,” King chanted as the crowd joined in.

Apparently, the duplicitous Mr. King doesn’t remember his own union’s necessity to be bailed out?

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