IS Recruiter: 'We Are Living In A Joy That I Can’t Describe'


This is 40 minute video report by a VICE News reporter embedded with the Islamic State for three weeks. Be aware there are a few (and brief) graphic images–headless corpses (6:27 to 6:39), a crucified man (27:52 – 28:06). Even more chilling is the footage showing the recruitment and indoctrination of children.

We are living in a joy that I can’t describe.

These words were spoken by an IS member who operates a “preaching van”. He was parked by the Euprhates River where several young boys were swimming. He smilingly asked a 7-yr old boy,

What do you want to be, a jihadist or to execute a martyrdom [suicide] operation?

The boy is his son.

At a celebration for the establishment of the Caliphate, a celebrant addresses the crowd:

I noticed that only children say hello to us and they send kisses from far away…old people look at us with a frightened look.

This is a close look at pure evil and it is frightening.



The video is at


Update: ISIL establishing cells in Baghdad, aided by ex-Saddam security forces


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