Islam and Sexuality

CAJ note: We believe children should not be present while this video is viewed. It contains very disturbing content and images.

Islam and Sexuality, a Presentation by Ann Barnhardt

Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Caution: this presentation and the related information we present are disturbing and tragic. Gulag Bound has examined what Ms. Barnhardt purports. She and we provide links for substantiation below her videos.

Caution #2: this information must be examined, understood, and the word must be spread, for the sake of America, the free world, and of so very many trapped in the devastating, totalitarian, religiopolitical cult of Islam. Please assist us in doing just that. None of us need to accept these hideous practices, nor the ideology that perpetuates them. Those born into it do not need to remain in their despair, pain, and defilement.

Not every Muslim subculture necessarily engages in every one of these practices, nor does Ms. Barnhardt maintain they do. However, they are still rampant and apparently, like terrorism, not strongly and widely condemned. The passages of the Koran and the fatwas by Islamic leaders are what they are. The apparent regards and treatment of women, girls, and boys (and of men) are also what they are.

Presentation by Ann Barnhardt in four video segments, uploaded 9/15/2011

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

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Muslim female "circumcision"


Photo from presentation. Click on the image to enlarge.

The article continues, with three more video segments of this presentation, at Gulag Bound.

Update: The Diversity of Islam: Sex, Rape, Pedophilia, Murder, Torture, Theft & No Human Rights, at Winds of Jihad

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