‘Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran because they continue to seek our destruction’

Wayne Dupree

Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the newly-finalized nuclear deal with Iran — calling it a “historic mistake.” …

…Netanyahu also took to Twitter earlier today and didn’t leave a stone unturned regarding his feelings on this deal:

“I will refer later to the details of the agreement but I’ll say now,” Netanyahu tweeted, “when willing to make an agreement at any cost, this is the result. From the initial reports we can already conclude that this agreement is a historic mistake.”

Netanyahu also addressed the terms of the deal, saying that his country would not be tied down by the agreement and would continue to defend itself if need be…


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Obama Brazenly Responds to Netanyahu, Republican Critics of Iran Nuclear Deal (video)

… “Iran is acting in an unconstructive way, in a dangerous way in these circumstances. What I’ve simply said is that we have to keep our eye on the ball here, which is that Iran with a nuclear weapon will do more damage, and we will be in a much worse position to prevent it.”

Obama added, “And what I’ve also tried to explain to people, including Prime Minister Netenyahu, is that in the absence of a deal, our ability to sustain these sanctions was not in the cards. Keep in mind it’s not just Iran that paid a price for sanctions. China. Japan. South Korea. India — pretty much any oil importer around the world that had previously import arrangements from Iran — found themselves in a situation where this was costing them billions of dollars to sustain these sanctions.”…


Iran Deal: ‘End of the Arab World’

…Saudi Arabia called the deal “extremely dangerous,” while Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said that it meant “the end of the Arab world as we know it.” The loudest cheers for the deal, other than the government-supported rallies in Iran, came from the terrorist group Hezbollah and from the Syrian regime, both of which depend on Iranian weapons and soldiers…


Israel and Saudi Arabia present united front over Iran deal (video)

Iran’s enemies unsettled by its deal with the West, but Bashar al-Assad of Syria says it is ‘a great victory’

Israel and the Sunni Arab world have set aside old grievances to stand together against the West’s engagement with Iran.



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