Israel to Stop Exports of 'Settlement Products' to EU

Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce from communities beyond the Green Line, in keeping in line with EU directives.

Elad Benari
Israel National News

Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce to the European Union from Jewish communities beyond the Green Line, Israeli and European officials said on Sunday, according to AFP.

The restrictions stem from directives issued by the European Commission in February and affect chicken and milk products from communities in eastern Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria…

…Plans to label “settlement products” have been in the works for more than a year, when the EU formally recommended that Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria be “prevented” through an economic boycott of Jewish industry in those regions. Such a move would affect tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs who are employed in Jewish-owned industry in the area…



The complete article is at Israel National News.



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 In a shocking revelation, a staff person for a Democratic Congressional candidate promoted a photo comparing Israeli soldiers to Nazis.

Marisa DeFranco has commanded a lot of attention in her bid for the Democratic nomination in Massachusetts’ Sixth Congressional District race. She has presented herself as a forthright figure that comfortably stands on principle rather than reliably pushing a partisan agenda. Certainly, in light of the voters’ growing disillusionment with the two major political parties and the seemingly constant gridlock, DeFranco makes for an attractive option. Her choice of key staff, however, makes one question her judgment and even her actual positions on major security issues…


Update: Oakland Protestors Try to block Israeli Shipping; Union Not Interested

Anti-Israel activists claimed that their protest Saturday at the Port of Oakland successfully blocked an Israeli ship from the Zim cargo company from docking. However, the ship was still far away from the port at the time of the protest, and the International Longshoremen and Warehousemen Unions (ILWU), which has supported such protests before, is less inclined to participate in boycotts of Israeli shipping this time, Al Jazeera reports…


Update 2: Sainsbury’s Supermarket Kosher Confusion

The Daily Mail has picked up on the story now and the Sainsbury’s PR machine is up and working and in full swing. It’s pretty clear this isn’t a company wide surrender to Palestinian BDS Jihad but there may well have been something strange going on at that store…

H/T Clarice Feldman

CAJ note: In this store’s defense, Orthodox Jews who keep kosher will not buy anything, including food, on a Saturday when they are observing the Sabboth.


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