‘It DOES make a difference’: Citizens greet @HillaryClinton 9 months after Benghazi


…Yesterday, Hillary Clinton finally deigned to dip her toes into the Twitter waters. And while she may have grown accustomed to the slobbery fawning that accompanied her latest social media venture, many Americans are refusing to sit idly by and allow her to bask in fans’ adoring glow.

On September 11, 2012, four Americans were brutally murdered by terrorists in Benghazi. Their deaths may not make a difference to Hillary, but they make a world of difference to us. And today, nine months after the deadly attacks, citizens are taking to Twitter to remind our disgraced former secretary of state about her role in Benghazigate:



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UpdateTime.com Still Fawning Over Hillary Clinton Twitter Account While Ignoring State Dept. Prostitution, Drugs Scandal

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