‘It’s still just me’

Will Boehner be the Anti-Obama?

Roger L. Simon
Pajamas Media

Like much of the world that doesn’t live Inside the Beltway, I was only marginally aware of John Boehner until some months ago when it was becoming clear he might be the next speaker. And even then I wasn’t impressed. The man-tan look made me assume he was just another shallow pol.

I was wrong. As of now, I have done a total about-face. In his speech today, John Boehner showed himself to be among the most impressive figures on our political landscape, and he did it by being that rarest of things in politics: a humble human being.

His opening ad-lib quieting thunderous applause – “It’s still just me” – should be an instructional moment in public behavior in our celebrity culture. Can you imagine Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama or even, alas, Sarah Palin saying such a thing with the authenticity Boehner clearly had at such a moment?

He spoke graciously for a brief twelve minutes — as compared with his predecessor Pelosi, who spoke for thirteen before passing him the gavel. And unlike Pelosi, he spoke about us, the people, and very little about himself…

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Update: A must-read by Byron York,  Pelosi’s partisan parting shot:

At mid-day Wednesday, it fell to now-former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to introduce her successor, John Boehner, as he was sworn in as Speaker of the House.  Some might have forgotten, but four years ago, on January 4, 2007, it was Boehner (not the departing Dennis Hastert) who introduced Pelosi when she first became Speaker.  A look at the two speeches — Pelosi introducing Boehner and Boehner introducing Pelosi — shows striking differences.  Boehner’s 2007 speech, coming after Republicans were trounced at the polls in November 2006, was self-effacing, gracious, and non-partisan.  Pelosi’s 2011 speech, coming after Democrats were trounced at the polls in November 2010, was self-serving, sharp, and partisan…

H/T  Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:  It’s who she is. It’s all she knows how to do…

Update 2: Michelle Malkin:

…Outgoing Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now Weaker Pelosi, with 173 votes in her favor — and 19 notable protest votes against her by fellow Democrats.

There were so many different alternatives, the race started looking like an Alaska Senate primary.

Democrat Heath Shuler took 11 votes.

Democrat John Lewis scored 2.

Most creative smack in Pelosi’s face: Dem. Jim Costa of CA voted for Dem. Dennis Cardoza of CA and vice versa.

Most devastating: Dem. Rep. Kurt Schrader voted for Steny Hoyer, who was seated next to a stunned Pelosi as the vote was announced…

…Pelosi won’t shut up: She’s breaking her arm patting herself on the back as 1st woman speaker, 1st Italian American speaker. Waves around kiddie human shields and cites litany of Nanny State “achievements” to spite GOP. Blathers about “fair prosperity.”

Update 2:00pm Eastern. She’s still going. Bitter clinger, clinging bitterly.

This is why we need someone with steel spine and no mercy…

Also, Ms. Nancy’s Classless Exit

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