Jake Tapper Confronts White House Press Secretary over Hoffa’s ‘SOB’ Attack on Tea Party

White House Won’t Disavow
Tapper Asks if This is the New Standard

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Still no disavowal by the Obama White House of Teamsters President James Hoffa Jr.’s attack on the Tea Party and Congressional Republicans yesterday, where he told the crowd at an Obama Labor Day Rally, “Let’s take these son of a bitches out.”

ABC News’ Jake Tapper pressed the issue with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who just blew it off. Jake Tapper destroyed Carney, by reminding him that Sen. Barack Obama expected an apology from John McCain when someone who spoke at one of his rally’s used Obama’s middle name – “Hussein” – which Obama used himself when sworn in as President (Tapper did not give all those details). But Tapper finished by telling Carney that it appears the standard now is that what surrogates of a candidate or those introducing a candidate say is of no importance any longer – only what the candidate says. Carney knew he was cornered and just refused to answer.

Watch the video of Carney and Tapper at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

Update: Flashback: President Obama condemns in no uncertain terms all public references to his socialism, his fascism, and his Soviet-style takeover of the US . Because “It can send signals to the most extreme elements of our society that perhaps violence is a justifiable response.”

Update 2: Krauthammer on Hoffa: The only story here is the cosmic hypocrisy of the Democrats

Also, From civility to ‘barbarians’ and ‘SOBs’ and the Reverend Wright ‘I didn’t hear it’ defense

Update 3: Kathy Shaidle says, “Here’s why Rush Limbaugh earns that $50 million a year.” What she’s referring to is 17 minute rant by Rush about Obama and Hoffa.

Also, Junior Hoffa Goes Full Media Matters, Blames His Call for Violence as Being Misinterpreted as Call for Violence by Evil Fox News and Drudge

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