Jason Riley Slams Holder: ‘Looters And Rioters Don’t Need To Hear That Criticism Of Obama Is Race-Based’

Brendan Bordelon
The Daily Caller

Wall Street Journal editor Jason Riley hit Attorney General Eric Holder for comments regarding perceived racial opposition to President Barack Obama on Fox News’ “Special Report” Tuesday, noting that during the ongoing Ferguson crisis “looters and rioter don’t need to hear from the attorney general that criticism of Obama is race-based.”

Riley attacked Holder’s contention — which has been made repeatedly throughout the Obama administration — that opposition to the president stems largely from white racism. Going further than fellow panelist Dana Perino, he insinuated that the comments may have even contributed to the riots.

“These looters and rioters do not need to hear from the attorney general that criticism of Obama is race-based,” he contended. “What they need to hear from this black man, in this position — the nation’s leading law enforcement official — is that they need to stay out of trouble with the law.”

“They need to pull up their pants and finish school and take care of their kids,” Riley continued. “That is the message they need to hear, from black leaders and people in positions of authority like Eric Holder and Barack Obama.”


Watch the video at The Daily Caller.



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