Jihadist Army major guilty of ‘workplace violence’ on all counts.

Carlos Eire





Yep, Major Jihad was found guilty of murder on all counts, and also of injuring many that he couldn’t shoot fatally, as he hoped to do, in the name of his tribal religion.  But the Obama administration is still calling it “workplace violence.”

Same kind of Orwellian semantic games played by totalitarian cretins everywhere, including the Castro Kingdom.

The defense team for the families of the victims issued this statement…


The article continues at  Babalú


Related: Fort Hood Terrorist Attacker Nidal Hasan Found “Guilty” in Unanimous Verdict by Military Jury – Raw Video 8/23/13 at Freedom’s Lighthouse

Fort Hood Jihadist Nidal Hasan was found “Guilty” today of all 32 charges brought against him. The military jury was unanimous in its verdict…

…Hasan shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he killed his victims in what was obviously a terrorist attack. But the Barack Obama Administration has shamefully never been willing to call the attack what it was.


Hasan convicted, but media still avoids the dreaded T-word?

…Hasan shouted “Allahu akbar!” before attacking and showed other signs that his motive was Islamic jihad. But only us rightie wingnuts (/sarc) will call his actions either jihad, or terrorism, or (since he fought the Army and nation that he was sworn to serve) treason. The AP article avoids the J- and T-words, and instead says delicately:

Through media leaks and statements to the judge, the American-born Muslim signaled that he believed the attack was justified as a way to protect Islamic and Taliban leaders from U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq…



UpdateFt. Hood Killer Admits He Committed Act of Terrorism

…For the if-it-bleeds-it-leads media, it seems awfully strange how silent the media have been about the story of Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter. Now, the Associated Press has dared to print that the motives of this killer—who has fully admitted to shooting the victims—are finally being explored during his trial…




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