Joe Bastardi Unloads On Penn State Corruption – Feels Betrayed

P. Gosselin
14 August 2010

Anyone who reads this blog knows that meteorologist Joe Bastardi is one of my favorites. Yesterday he wrote a scathing piece at his European blog about his alma mater Penn State for the way it whitewashed the Michael Mann affair, and other things.

Joe Bastardi is a graduate of Penn State, receiving a degree in Meteorology and is a leading Accuweather meteorologist. His seasonal forecasts almost always far outperform those of “climate scientists”. It’s because Joe knows what he’s talking about, the “climate scientists” don’t. A Penn State investigation of Michael Mann, author of the infamous hockey stick graph, led to his exoneration, much to the protest of the scientific community. Many called the investigation a whitewash. Bastardi agrees. At his blog he writes:

Though I have a degree from the once proud and great meteorology department, it was EARNED during its glory day, when we graduated 2/3rds of the worlds meteorologists, and were the envy of other schools. That was yesterday, and yesterdays gone.

and says:

Penn State has lost its way.

I will no longer refer to myself as a Penn State grad, nor promote the university in my appearances.

Read the rest at NoTricksZone.

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