John McCain: George Soros’ Useful Idiot?

via Sentinel Radio
October 11, 2009

Many believe George Soros is out to destroy America’s Constitution and sovereignty. From the anti-2nd amendment gun control group, Americans for Gun Safety to the anti-free speech McCain-Feingold Finance Reform Act, John McCain has been carrying out marching orders from Soros, enriching his Reform Institute and his campaign coffers while riding Soros’ coattails to national prominence as the mainstream media darling, ‘Maverick’ Senator McCain.

The ambitious Soros has a goal of rewriting the United States Constitution by the year 2020. He has funded efforts for a world-wide gun ban instituted through the United Nations as well as borderless nations, legalizing illicit drugs and his ultimate goal of a world government controlled by the U.N. Does John McCain share his lofty goals?

The McCain-Feingold legislation was an idea devised by the brilliant Mr. Soros. The Act stopped ‘soft’ money contributions to the Democrat and Republican parties, as well as putting limits on free speech by not permitting a candidate’s name to be used in ads 60 days prior to general elections and 30 days prior to primary elections. This Act bankrupted the Democratic Party because, unlike the Republican Party, the Democratic Party was primarily financed by ‘soft’ money donations from large groups such as Unions. The Republican Party, by contrast, receives most of its funds from individuals in the form of ‘hard’ money, small donations.

George Soros had discovered a way to make the Democrat Party beholden to him through an obvious loophole (large enough to drive a Mexican truck through) in the law, establishing what is known as 527 groups, after the section in the tax code. With Democratic donations dried up after the passage of McCain-Feingold, George Soros and his billionaire buddies founded several 527s privately and stealthily. 527s are unlimited in terms of contributions, unregulated, and can be used to run politic ads and fund other activities related to issues. Therein lies its brilliance. It could be said that George Soros now owns the Democratic Party because he controls the money they once received through big donor donations. And, thus he controls the agenda. He has established what is now considered the ‘Shadow Party’, a party within the Democrat Party…

Read the whole thing. And remind yourselves how “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein also endeavors to change the Constitution by 2020…

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