Journalists Who Broke Fast and Furious Story File Ethics Complaint with DC Bar

M. Catharine Evans
American Thinker

When The Attorney General of the United States decided to stall, stonewall and retract previous positions regarding his knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious he should have known Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and David Codrea of, the two men responsible for breaking the gun walking story, would never, never give up.

After 18 months of what Vanderboegh calls “the fight of his life,” Holder has not only been held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over legally subpoenaed documents, the story has broken through to the court of public opinion.

It’s been a tough battle to smoke Holder out into the light of day and now that he’s there selfless patriots like Codrea and Vanderboegh will not let his blood-soaked Department of Justice get away with murder.

Yesterday the investigative journalists filed an ethics complaint against Holder with the DC Bar Association. Readers please take note of the address and file your own complaint.

We are all in this together. Through Vanderboegh’s and Codrea’s breathtaking tenacity and courage we have learned despite limited financial resources and zero connections we too can speak truth to power. That’s America…

The article continues, with an except of the letter, at American Thinker.

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