'Juden Tottenham': Soccer fans shouted anti-semitic chants before Tottenham fan was stabbed in Rome

During the game against Tottenham, who have a large Jewish following, Lazio fans chanted ‘Juden Tottenham’ and unfurled a ‘Free Palestine’ banner. The full size photo is at The Daily Mail.


Paul Milligan
The Daily Mail [UK]
24 November 2012

The Italian FA has confirmed the vicious attack on Tottenham fans in Rome was racially motivated.

Witnesses to the attack claimed there were shouts of ‘Jews’ and anti-Semitic chants when up 50 Italian hooligans descended on the Campo de Fiori square in Rome to confront their rivals.

Now the president of the Italian Football Association (FIGC) has sent a letter of apology to English FA chairman David Bernstein, confirming this was the case…

…’The city authorities and I publicly express our firm condemnation, with my personal indignation at these events. I beg you to send our apologies to all Tottenham’s fans – and in particular to those families directly involved. I will personally follow the investigation’s development and remain at your disposal should my assistance in any further matters be required.’

Initial reports suggested Lazio fans were to blame for the assault which was apparently launched with shouts of anti-semitic abuse about the English team’s historical Jewish roots…


The article, with additional photos, continues at The Daily Mail. In our headline, we substituted the word “Football” with “Soccer” for the benefit of clarity for American readers.

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Update:   Kourtney Kardashian launches fashion line in Israel; Anti-Zionists hurl hate.

On Friday, Kourtney Kardashian announced that the Kardashian Kollection clothing line she created with sisters Kim and Khloe was launching in Thailand and — gasp! — Israel.

As Kim Kardashian learned when she tweeted and quickly backtracked on her support for Israel, the mere mention of the word Israel without “death to” in front of it always draws out Jew-bashing Israel haters and vicious attacks. Kourtney’s announcement about the Kardashian Kollection was no exception. Anti-Zionists immediately went on the attack, slinging vitriol and demanding that she refer to Israel as “Palestine.”…

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From “The Savage Nation” (Tuesday, November 20, 2012 edition)


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