Judge’s Ruling a Victory for Hutaree and Free Speech

K. Douglas Lee

Earlier this week, on May 3rd, we witnessed liberty in action: a Clinton-appointed federal judge took the government to task over its continued holding of the Hutaree “Christian militia” members in Michigan.


They can try to spin it any way they want, but the government lost this one, big-time. There are two fundamental rights implicated in the judge’s ruling — free speech, and the right to a reasonable bail. Both of these fundamental, constitutionally protected rights are absolutely vital to our system of ordered liberty, and to the very existence of our republican form of government. Judge Roberts’ ruling thus deserves much wider discussion than the old media has given it; it should be printed out and taught to every high-school kid in the US. It shows how our republic — and our criminal justice system — are meant to work…


…these men never committed any act of violence against any person — they are being prosecuted for their political speech alone…

..what’s at stake is your freedom from imprisonment for voicing your political views…

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