Judge Greenlights Lawsuit Against Guest-Worker Program Expanded by Executive Amnesty

Tony Lee
Big Government
25 Nov 2014

Now that a federal judge has allowed a lawsuit against the student guest-worker program that President Barack Obama expanded via executive action to proceed, the federal government will have to prove that there is actually a shortage of high-tech American workers to keep the program intact…

…As Breitbart News has extensively documented, numerous scholars and studies from across the political spectrum have determined that America has a surplus — and not a shortage — of high-tech workers.

John Miano, “an attorney involved in the case and founder of the Programmers Guild,” said that the the federal government justified the expansion by falsely claiming that there “was a ‘critical shortage’ of STEM workers” even though the government had “no objective evidence to support the claim of a worker shortage.” Miano told ComputerWorld that if the government cannot prove that there is a “critical shortage” of American high-tech workers, “the regulations fall apart.”



The complete article is at Big Government.




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