Judge Napolitano Says President Obama Is ‘Breaking the Law’ But Congress Is More Concerned That Classified Info Was Leaked

Studio B
Fox News Insider

As the investigation into the national security leaks continues, Judge Andrew Napolitano points out that the substance of the leaks has taken a backseat in the conversation. He told Shepard Smith on Studio B today that, “It is appalling that there is no talk about the substance. The substance is that the president looks at pictures and bios of people and decides who to kill, even Americans, without any judicial process or any declaration of war.”

Judge Napolitano said the people complaining about the leaks are not focusing on the profound constitutional and due process violations that the president is engaged in. He added, “The Constitution says the government cannot take life, liberty or property without due process of law, meaning a charge, a trial and all the protections that come with that unless the Congress declares war. There’s been no due process of law and there’s been no declaration of war on these people or on the countries in which they’re located.”

He said President Obama is “clearly breaking the law and breaking the Constitution by killing, yet the members of Congress … are more concerned about leaking than killing.”

Watch the video at Fox News Insider.

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