Judge Orders Travel Ban On Dinesh D’Souza

Yehuda Remer
Truth Revolt

A federal judge has placed a travel ban on conservative author/film maker Dinesh D’Souza. confining him to San Diego.

WND.com reports, “U.S. District Judge Richard Berman, in a hearing in New York City Oct. 15, ordered that D’Souza must not leave San Diego County while the eight months at the community center, which was part of his sentence for campaign-finance violations. He also must obtain the approval of his federal probation officer to conduct any media interviews.”

After traveling to NY for an interview with Megyn Kelly with the permission of his probation officer, the officer asked Berman to clarify D’Souza’s travel restrictions, which led to the hearing.

Accordind to WND, “The ruling forced D’Souza to cancel a speech scheduled for Wednesday at the University of California at Santa Barbara.”

D’Souza has pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, which led to a sentence of 8 months in a work-release center in San Diego, a $30,000 fine, and 5 years probation.

Again, WND points out that the original sentence did not address any sort of travel ban.

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