Judging Alito – Obama’s Ultimate Arrogance

Thomas Del Beccaro

President Obama’s State of the Union obviously was a first in more than one way. Obama point blank, called out (to use the modern vernacular) our Supreme Court Justices on national TV. He did so because he politically disagreed with their legal decision. In doing so, Obama demonstrated his supreme arrogance – and let America know just how far he is willing to go to get his way.

As we know, our Federal Judicial system is one of three separate but equal branches. Historically, the judiciary has been the least political of the three branches. That status reaches well beyond our own system. Prior to judges and courts, civilizations tended to rely on counsels of elders to pass judgment on the actions of their village or tribe. Those elders held a special place, as dispensers of wisdom, in their societies.

The roles of judges today evolved from those wise elders. Importantly, our system and theirs was based on the notion that the decisions made were made dispassionately and not subject to mob rule or pressure. By publicly ridiculing the Supreme Court, and subjecting them to a standing ovation from the complicit Democrats that surrounded them, Obama demonstrated to everyone how little regard he has for our system. That disregard is in keeping with his Saul Alinsky radicalism and the methods he employed.

Obama, to be sure, is not the first President with a constitutional changing agenda to take on the Supreme Court – nor the most crass about it – at least so far. That dishonor belongs to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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