Justin Amash: Claims made in Ellis’s ‘bizarre smear campaign’ unfounded

Rep. Justin Amash

Like many in our community, I’ve been left scratching my head at the bizarre smear campaign that was launched against me a few weeks ago—nearly a year before the Republican primary.

One day, my opponent says I’m too conservative because I stood firmly against Obamacare and voted against an earmark. The next day, he runs attack ads claiming I’m too liberal, even though I’m the top conservative in the House according to conservative scorekeepers FreedomWorks and The Club for Growth.

Bizarre, I thought—until I read up on who’s behind his campaign.

The Washington Post reported that my challenger’s backers think he will do things “the old-fashioned way—by working the inside game and playing nice.”

“Wall Street donors” clamored for his campaign, according to a liberal former congressman who supports my challenger and pledged to raise $8 million this cycle.

“I don’t think Justin Amash cares if Bank of America gives to him or not,” one dismayed bank lobbyist told Politico.

They’re right. Crony capitalists have found their guy—and it’s not me….

…West Michigan supports me because I reject business as usual: I never miss a vote, publicly explain every vote, and get the job done for all my constituents, not just the elite insiders my opponent seeks to represent. My approach to representation appears to confuse the political class. Over the next eight months, I look forward to helping Washington, Wall Street, and their yes-men understand.


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…In a party that has often seemed technologically backwards and out of touch, Amash has gained attention for his prodigious use of social media and detailed explanations of his votes on Facebook. By doing so, the second-youngest House member has pointed the way to greater transparency while making a dent in the GOP’s tech gap.

Only Ron and Rand Paul have more influence with the young libertarian activists entering the Republican Party—a rare bright spot for the GOP in the Virginia governor’s race—than Amash. This is precisely the reason the long knives are out for him…


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