Kaiser Poll: 76% of Uninsured Unaware of ObamaCare Sign-Up Deadline

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It’s quite obvious the overwhelming majority of Americans have tuned out the lame-duck president and his minions. They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to force people into their socialized medicine scheme and people just refuse to participate, despite the phony numbers of people  they’ve claimed  have signed up.

The vast majority of uninsured Americans do not know they must sign up for health insurance by March 31 or pay a fine, according to a new poll.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), in its monthly tracking survey, found that 76 percent of the uninsured are not aware of the looming sign-up deadline. Only 24 percent could name the date correctly.

The finding underscores the serious challenge facing the Obama administration as it seeks to sign up millions more patients for private plans by the end of next month.

The public has always had a weak grasp of ObamaCare’s provisions, but the administration’s tendency to shift deadlines has added to confusion about when patients must act to gain coverage.

Nearly two-thirds of the uninsured said they know only a little (37 percent) or nothing at all (26 percent) about the new marketplaces designed to make it easier to shop for health plans.

Perceptions of the Affordable Care Act have been trending negative among people without health insurance since February. Tuesday’s poll found that 56 percent now view the law unfavorably while 22 percent view it favorably



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