Koch Derangement Syndrome: The New York Times’s Stalinesque Attacks on the Koch Brothers

Dan Riehl
Big Journalism

The New York Times recently endorsed having children boycott a Christmas performance of “The Nutcracker” merely because there was money from the Kochs involved in supporting it. Additionally, it would seem that art is no longer purely for art’s sake. According to the Times, it’s only worth can be to support the political views of Times’s editors and staff. Evidently, if Koch money is involved in its production, or showing, the art in question should be attacked by “Occupy” protesters, that according to the Times.

These examples cited by the Koch’s in response do more than stretch the bounds of incredulity. They amount to character assassination and an embracing of the worst form of guilt by association. One might have hoped that such tactics were in large part destroyed along with the Iron Curtain of Soviet fame. It’s frightening, as well as tragic, if not all that surprising, to see them re-emerge on the pages of the New York Times

The article continues at Big Journalism.

CAJ note: As one commenter at Big Journalism quoted:

“Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
~Benito Mussolini

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