Krauthammer: Even Lenin had the modesty to stop at five

This was very nearly CAJ’s Quote of the Day…

Krauthammer on Obama’s Latest 6 Year Stimulus Plan: ‘Even Lenin Had the Modesty to Stop at Five’

Jim Hoft

Charles Krauthammer responded to President Obama’s latest announcement of a six year stimulus plan…

“Even Lenin had the modesty to stop at five.”

Charles Krauthammer:

“This is another example of this administration acting for the appearance of activity. It doesn’t have a clue what to do. It just threw a half a trillion dollars at the first stimulus. As we saw earlier in the show, almost 60% of Americans believe it did absolutely nothing. And they have no ideas. The economy is still in a ditch so they come up with a mini-stimulus… I like the way the president announces we hear this is going to be a six-year plan. Even Lenin had the modesty to stop at five.

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