LA Slimes & Media Mutters Not Offended By Racist Cartoons Of Condi Rice

Marooned in Marin

I wrote yesterday about the phony outrage directed at Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit by the LA Slimes, which was ginned up by the George Soro$ funded, tax exempt organization, Media Mutters.
Of course, there was no racism implied in the photoshop, just mockery of Moochelle Obama as living it up like Marie Antionette on the taxpayer dime, while our nation is deeper in debt and the economy is still in horrible condition.

But the LA Slimes, when they’re not reading racism into mockery of the Obamas, have no problem with real racist cartoons directed at black conservatives.

Ace of Spades just uncovered this.

The racist cartoon appearing in the leftwing hate-site the “LA Times” is based upon a 1939 film about the antebellum south called “Gone with the Wind.” The LATimes is a blog which also features a limited-run print edition, chiefly purchased by footwear giant Foot Locker, to stuff into the toes of sneakers to keep their shape during storage and display.

The cartoon, depicting then-Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as the black slave maid from that film, employed the stereotype of the servile black (common in films from this period) to heighten the charge that Ms. Rice is an “Uncle Tom” or “house slave,” disparaging racist terms used by elements of the fringe left to denigrate blacks who deviate from leftist ideology.

“It’s perplexing that the LA Times never apologized for this cartoon,” said one expert, after I told him to say it, “given that they recently claimed that a parody of Michelle Obama as Maire Antoinette was racist. After all, there is absolutely no inherent racial symbolism in the painting of Marie Antoinette, whereas the LATimes’ cartoonist choose an image of slave, in a movie largely about slavery, during a period when blacks were frequently depicted in a racist manner. While the portrayal of the slave maid is given a pass by most modern-day cinephiles, due to admiration for the movie as a whole, the depiction itself is hair-raisingly racist and cliched. It shows a profound racial animus on the part of Jeff Danziger, and his employers at the LATimes, to choose to parody Ms. Rice with such a deliberately racially-edged image.”

“I’m outraged!,” said no one at Media Matters, an organization which exists chiefly to accuse conservatives of racism for political purposes. Media Matters, which is chiefly read through Andrew Breitbart’s Twitter feed, was not bothered for comment, because, let’s face it, we know what they’d say…


There is much more to read at Marooned in Marin, including several other images to jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten what the hypocritical, racist left got away with during the Bush administration. Because, well, those black Americans were working for Bush so it was OK…right?

Related: she didn’t understand or care what sort of message it would send to a public enthralled by the new first family Yeah. Cuz we’re a nation filled with nothing but racists and cowards. And leftist hypocrites.

Update:  A nice way to make the president and his wife feel perfectly comfortable

Update 2: The most ridiculous charge of racism ever? at American Thinker.

The Obama media are once again playing the race card, but in the process making fools of themselves and exposing their own racist consciousness. It is by now a cliché that any criticism of President Obama’ will be denounced as “racist,” so how does one get even more ridiculous? It isn’t easy, but Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times has shown that where there is a will to demonize conservatives, there’s a way…

Update 3: From Drain Cleaner to Cake … It’s All “Racist”

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