‘Labor for Palestine’ movement: 9/11 terror attacks were ‘blowback’

Union Group Calls 9/11 Attacks ‘Blowback’-Do National Leaders Agree?

Kyle Olson

Members of the American Federation of Teachers, along with AFSCME, SEIU and several other national labor unions, are showing their true political stripes by joining the “Labor for Palestine” movement.

These groups are not just calling for a Palestinian homeland in the Middle East and a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli standoff. They’re suggesting that the creation of Israel has been a disaster for the Palestinian people.

It’s clear that they don’t share the commitment to Israeli security that American presidential administrations – Republican and Democrat – have maintained since 1948. They are radically anti-Israel, and they offer no apologies for that. The following passage can be found on the Labor for Palestine website:

The establishment of Israel in 1948 inflicted on the Palestinian people a continuing campaign of displacement, discrimination, exploitation and brutality that has continued to this day.

The anti-Israel rhetoric is just the tip of the iceberg. The group suggests that American foreign policy was to blame for the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001. In other words, 3,000-plus people deserved to die due to American support for the continued existence of Israel.

The group also protests recent U.S. military actions in the Middle East – calling them an endless “war of terror,” – and suggests that Iran may be the next innocent victim of American “colonialization.”

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