Laura Rosen Cohen: Freedom Makes Us Free

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Laura Rosen Cohen
Freedom Makes Us Free
January 28, 2010

…The time has come for right thinking Jews to…permanently halt the use of the Holocaust as a tool for individuals and organizations to censor freedom of speech and ultimately, freedom of conscience and thought…

It is easier to fight the war that was essentially already won. Although reprehensible, it is easier to wrap oneself up in a pseudo Jewish identity entirely based on the Holocaust than to invest the intellectual capital required to understand our current enemies and the threat facing our civilization.

It takes a bigger investment in time and thought to study and understand the real, underlying message of Jewish living-“to life”, “/l’chaim/”, and being a Light Unto the Nations. Not by liberal activism under a superficial cloak of Judaism, but through celebrating life, and the commandments given to us by G-d passed on throughout the generations of Jewish history.

It is easier to frame one’s nominally Jewish life in familiar, au courant fashion such as “social justice” and “/tikkun olam/” (‘repairing the world’) rather than struggle intellectually and morally the real dangers facing us today.

The real danger facing the Jewish people, and the civilized world is not Nazi words–it is deeds; beheadings, suicide bombings and highjackings with the umbrella name of “jihad”…

It was the disassembling of Jewish civil liberties and civil rights that began the downward spin toward hell on earth. The descent began when Jews were stripped by the state of their rights to own property and businesses. Their physical property and humanity were legally expropriated

…It is therefore incumbent upon us to realize that it is not work that makes us free.

Freedom makes us free.

And there are many among us, Jews and gentiles alike, who will continue to resist even the slightest, /almost/ imperceptible incursions into our personal liberties: speech, thought and conscience among them – even when made with the most noble of intentions and ostensibly to honour the dead.

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