Leftism Destroys African American Communities

Glenn Beck’s Show: Leftism Destroys
African American Communities
October 2, 2009

Yesterday on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News, Fox Business Network analyst Charles Payne talked about the culture of victimization and hopelessness prevalent in African American communities today and the role leftism played in shaping it.

Payne commented on the tragic death of Chicago honor student Derrion Albert who was beaten to death in Chicago earlier this week. Derrion was a remarkable kid: he may have grown up in a poor household and neighborhood but he was determined to do well at school, worked hard, and took care of his grandmother after she was diagnosed with cancer. His most precious possession was his computer, which his family was able to buy him after saving for it for two years.

According to Payne, Derrion’s death wasn’t an accident but a sign of what’s wrong with African American culture today.

“When I was a kid,” he said explaining he grew up as an army brat, living a wonderful life until he was an army brat no more and the family moved to a ‘black neighborhood’ after his mother and father divorced, “we got beaten up every day for speaking like white people, sounding white, wearing the wrong clothes.”

“There’s just so much much pent up anger and animosity that these kids [i.e. like Darrion Albert] have to hide their intelligence” or face brutal beatings.

The article continues in HotAir.com’s Green Room.

Charles Payne is compelling in the discussion:

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